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    Level 2 Cert. in Equality and Diversity
Level 3 Cert. in Counselling Theory
Level 2 Cert. in Stress Management
Level 3 Cert. in Developing skills in effective Parenting
Level 2 Cert. in Dementia Awareness
Level 2 Cert. in Nutrition and Health
Level 2 Cert. in Health and Social Care
Level 2 Cert. in Working with People with Mental Health Issues
Level 2 Cert. in Palliative Care

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Level 2 Cert. in Dementia Care
Level 2 Cert. in Control of Infection and Contamination
Level 2 Cert. in Managing and Safe Handling of Medicines
Level 2 Cert. in Health & Social Care
Level 2 Cert. in Care practices
Level 2 Cert. in The Managing and Safe Handling of Medicines
Level 2 Cert. in Moving and Handling

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Course title: Open to Change
This course is for people who are confronted by significant changes, or thinking about making them. It is a new course to help you build up your confidence, develop your key skills, review your personal experience, assess your skills, and explore options for the future.

Course title: Understanding Society
This course is designed to introduce students to selected key concepts and debates within the social sciences (e.g. in relation to families, culture, global markets, migrant labour, community and social movements), and to help them develop key learning skills which will provide a sound basis for further academic work.

Understanding Health
This course aims to develop understanding of some social and scientific perspectives of health using three main perspectives: lay knowledge, biomedical and complementary therapies. The course focuses on how health issues impact on the everyday lives of individuals.

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