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ASET Level 2 Certificate in Dementia Care

This course aims to provide you with a greater understanding of how to provide positive care for people with dementia and their families.

Unit 1 – Understanding dementia
LO1: Describe the common types of dementia and the parts of the brain affected
LO2: Identify causes and symptoms of different dementias.
LO3: Explain current treatments applicable and approaches helpful for people with dementia

Unit 2 – Understanding the practical help available for people with dementia
LO1: Identify and describe the various roles in dementia care
LO2: Identify charities, grants and financial support available
LO3: Explain the practical help that can be offered through person centred care

Unit 3 – Caring for people with dementia
LO1: Care for people with dementia
LO2: Build relationships with people with dementia through effective communication
LO3: Recognise and help prevent abuse

Dementia Care learning materials produced by
Changing Minds PublicationsDementia Care learning materials produced by Changing Minds Publications

Changing Minds is a training company that aims to provide training and publications that are engaging, educational and fun for students.

If you have any questions about these learning materials, you are very welcome to contact us on

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Who are the authors of the learning materials?
The authors of these learning materials are David Moore BSc, MSc, Sal Peacock BSc, Dip H & SW, and Jacky Zylinski RN, BA, MA

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Is this qualification accredited?
Yes, this qualification is accredited by ASET, who are a national awarding body.

Are these learning materials already in use by other colleges?
Yes, these learning materials are part of a large pilot scheme run by Worcester College of Technology.

Once we make a purchase, can we receive ongoing support?
Yes, if you have questions regarding the content of the learning materials you can contact us on

Are there any additional sources of information that our students can access?
Yes, students are very welcome to view the education section of this website to access further sources of help and information.

What do the learning materials cost?
The learning materials are competitively priced at £45 per set.

How many copies do we need to order to purchase them at this price?
You are welcome to purchase as many or as few copies as you wish at the same price.

Can we purchase copies online?
Yes, you will soon be able to order copies on line by entering your details on the Payments page. In the meantime, if you would like to order copies or you would like further information about how payment can be made please contact us on


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